Best Price Comparison Sites in USA

discount On the Internet, many people advise using a comparison portal to save on online purchases, but it is often difficult to understand the operation and therefore in the guide we will see, not just the bases, also the peculiarities of these portals.

First, we have to ask ourselves a question: what is this website useful for, and how would it be useful for my online purchases?

What are comparison sites?

Since 2000, in USA as well, said price comparison sites, that is, specific search engines specialized in searching products which make shopping easier for millions of Spaniards, have been spreading.

There are internal comparison engines that compare stores’ offers within their own catalog, for example, eBay or Amazon, and external comparison sites that rely on external catalogs, such as Pricprecios and Kelkoo.

What are the advantages?

Hand with thumb upThe great advantage for the consumer is the possibility of seeing true comparisons between different objects in relation to the price, applying specific filters to exclude variants, colors or other technical characteristics.

Using these functionalities it is possible to reduce the choice to a few items and try to make a more conscious purchase decision, probably saving money.

The most important comparison sites locate the prices among hundreds of different e-commerce which regularly offer their catalogue in a readable and adequate format to carry out the exact comparison with competitors’ items.

Characteristics of price comparison sites

The main functionality of a price comparison site is the possibility of showing the user which online stores offers the product at a lower price, after having compared dozens of sites which offer the same product at different prices.

If saving money isn’t enough price comparison sites are also perfect for recommending related products and providing statistics though a graphic on price evolution across the previous months, with the goal of avoiding the purchase of a product on a week where there are no sales, or when prices just increased.

Another highly appreciated feature is the possibility of receiving a notification by email, Telegram or Facebook whenever the desired product reaches a price threshold, so you can take advantage of the temporary sale as soon as it starts.

List of best English comparison sites

There are dozens of websites which compare prices in our country, and below you will find a list of the better known and most used by the Spaniards who regularly do their shopping online.

Kelkoo is managed by and the server is located in the United States.

Idealo is managed by Connexity, Inc. and the server is located in California.

Pixmania is managed by eBay Marketplaces GmbH and the server is located in California.

Twenga is managed by Meredith Corporation and the server is located in California.

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