Best English E-commerces of 2019

Anyone who buys online will know that choosing a store requires some research to verify that the seller is trustworthy and the items are of good quality.

The most used and visited online stores by our compatriots are only a few. Next, we will see a detailed analysis to better understand how they work.

Amazon was born in the United States

Amazon stock chart at the beginning it was an e-commerce that dealt with books and has progressively opened up to other categories of products.

We can refer to the American stock market with the corresponding American AMZN, which, as we will see from the graph, has had an exponential growth in recent years, managing to exceed the value of € 2000 per share.

Amazon’s growth in performance and sales has contributed to its capacity to expand into the European market, allowing it to offer an unmatched service.

Peculiar characteristics of Amazon

The point of strength is surely the extremely dedicated customer service, thanks to policies like free returns, Prime 24 hour shipping and the support team that is always available to answer customer questions.

Another very important feature is the large number of reviews published by users for each of the products purchased. This allows new customers to get an idea whether other people have liked the item, in order to avoid making the same mistakes or in order to take advantage of a good product in case of a positive experience.

Advantages of using Amazon

Among the advantages of using this e-commerce we can highlight the following features:

In addition to these advantages, let’s point out that Amazon is integrated with a single account to other services such as the vocal assistant Alexa, the music libraries and Amazon Pay to buy services from affiliated sellers.

eBay - the big e-commerce

A giant in sales in Spain, from the beginning, eBay today probably still holds a big share of the e-commerce market in our country.

stock ebay is still operational with a large turnover and great Brand reach throughout the web.

With more than 100 million products, the catalog offered by this giant is indeed wide, and allows you to find what you are looking for with extreme ease.

We should highlight that eBay was born as a multi-product store and from the beginning it sold from books and phones to clothing or lawnmowers.

Unique eBay features

When you want to buy an object, it is often possible to buy it using the formula Buy It Now! or through auction.

In the first case, the purchase and payment are immediate according to the price you see, while in the second case you can make an offer and compete with other bidders until the auction’s expiration date, when the item will be awarded to the highest bidder.

As for the reviews, this is a feature introduced only recently on eBay too, which until now had preferred to give visibility to the reputation of the seller by showing the number of transactions completed and feedback from users.

Labels based on the number and average of feedback as a Top Seller have been created to reassure buyers regarding a seller's reliability. without having to carry out detailed research.

The main advantage of eBay with respect to the competitors is the possibility of paying with PayPal, which allows an immediate and convenient transaction. In addition, you will be protected for 30 days and, in case of dispute, you can request a full refund of the amount of money paid.

Depending on the seller it’s also possible to pay through a bank transfer, money order, or upon delivery.

Another interesting feature is the Feed which allows you to personalize your homepage to see products already chosen by the algorithm according to your interests.

Advantages of using eBay

When thinking about this e-commerce, the advantages that stand out are several, for example:

In the coming years, or even sooner, we can expect interesting news regarding the personalization of the shopping experience within this portal.

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